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The Monkey Cabal

The Monkey does not sleep, he waits

Spook *Pyro*
24 December
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Greetings and welcome to my lj home of fannish stuffs.

I don't have a "friending policy" as such, so if you wish to friend me, by all means, feel free. Sometimes I talk tv, sometimes I rant, sometimes I whine, sometimes I'm random, sometimes I'm boring. If you want to read that, who am I to complain? And, hey, feel free to comment. No need to ask if it's okay.

I don't always friend back, but I usually do, as I like new people to read. I'm terrible about commenting, though, and for that I apologize in advance. Sometimes interests diverge and I'll find the flist unwieldy and I'll trim, but it's really, truly not personal. And the same goes if you feel the need to trim me from your flist -- no drama from me.

If I've friended you, don't panic. You're just chatting about something I'm interested in. Do not feel obliged to friend me back.

I can also be found on twitter Nigel @themonkeycabal