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An assortment

Dear Valve, thank you for breaking Steam for Mac. Also, thank you for not responding on the support forums, or twitter, or to the support ticket I sent in on TUESDAY. Much obliged, ever so glad I've given you money. I'll be sure to make sure everybody knows just how helpful you've been. Cheers.


Summer Telly is back, and that is pleasing.

Brief comments, assume spoilers for all:

Well, it was better than I was thinking it might be. But, I do not trust Rusty to actually manage to tell a story through. Also, they started out very badly for me, and I nearly didn't make it through, but my desire to see Gwen outweighed my absolute HATE for the newscasts. Damn it, Rusty, stop that. It is a lazy story-telling crutch upon which you are entirely too dependent. Also, the close-ups of the newscasters mouths is not projecting a sense of realism or whatever it is you're after, it's just weird and off-putting, and at this point a little disturbing, frankly, and I wish you'd quit doing that. Seriously, stop it.

But, Gwen was lovely and batshit and that was nice. Love Rhys accusing her of cheating at painting. Oh, Gwen and Rhys. Never change.

Other than that, I'm not sure how I feel about it. It could be interesting, but really, Rusty's pretty good at set-up, but really, really awful at resolution, so it doesn't do to get invested in any of the story, I feel. Not at this point, at any rate.

Light Siffy is back. Just what I want in the summertime.

Eureka is always fun, but I honestly never feel like I have anything to say about it. It's fun. End.

Warehouse 13, after a rocky start during the first season, has grown on me quite a lot. Largely I think it's because Pete and Myka are totally my current number one Buddy OTP*. BFFSFOREVAH! I think, however, the appropriate response to new guy's comment that they need to get over their UST would have been to look at him and make very serious "ewww" faces. For they are totally siblings, and that's just how I like 'em. When Pete's not busy making fun of Myka and she's not busy punching him, he lets her read his comic books and she shares her candy with him. They are the bestest. Also, I'm sure he probably calls her mom more than she does. They make me happy.

And, then we can't forget Claudia and Artie and Lena (who will hopefully have actually things to do this series), all of whom are awesome in their own special way. And I like new guy Agent Jinks. He plays off Pete well, and seems to have good chemistry with everybody. Loved his meeting Artie and Claudia, "well, go on then."

And any season that starts off with Mrs. Fredrick being Mrs. Fredrick at her most Mrs. Fredrick, is off to a fine start.

* (number two might be Esposito and Ryan, and number three maybe Abby and Becker (but that's the downside of the short series, they do give you the nice tight story arc, but they don't leave a lot of room for extra character stuff, so we really only ever get the idea that Abby and Becker are pretty kickass in the field, though we did get to see them fight the worm things. But, isn't that just what fanfic is for? Too bad Primeval fandom is almost bizarrely and uniformly juvenile (a handful of exceptions, of course). Like, literally, I think they're all 14 or something. Truly, not a snide comment, but actually reality.))

Oh Michael. I was wondering what this season's arc would be. It was a bit murky at the start, but then, I think that was the point. It was murky to Michael, too. Man, you spend four years hunting down the people that burned you, you finally find the guy, and he puts a bullet in his own head. That would mess anybody up.

Though, I'm extremely impressed that somehow he ended up going curtain shopping with Fiona. I'm a little sad we missed that conversation. And, I'm very glad Jesse's still around. He took a while to grow on me, but by the end of the season (or maybe by the time Madeline got sick of Michael and Jesse and gave them the whole, fabulous "suck it up and deal" speech), I was very attached.

Speaking of Madeline, I think she's pretty much the most awesomest of all of them. Go, Maddie!

Next week: Comic Con! W00t!



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Jul. 16th, 2011 01:27 am (UTC)
I've only seen the first ep of TW:MD, and have no hope for the rest season, as apparently most of this srz drahma show is based on a complete lack of any attempt at research and nearly all of the rest is WTF (and not in a good way.)

1. CIA agents don't run around outing themselves in public by screaming that they're CIA agents and waving their credentials.
2. Mortally-wounded-but-not-dead-yet agents can't just declare themselves in charge of a mission. They need approval from their superiors (I doubt Rex would have received it). They also can't self-authorize themselves on a not-approved-mission to go to the UK and receive support from all aspects of the UK government and policing-type forces to "arrest" UK citizens and drag them back to the US. That type of activity has to first a.) be approved and b.) go through channels. I would also guess that CIA agents would try to talk to non-dangerous people of interest in an office setting first, rather than immediately handcuff them at official Welsh gunpoint and throw them on an airplane bound for the States in the middle of the night. So scratch the entire Rex storyline.
2. CIA analysts who've been told to drop a line of investigation probably wouldn't keep it up; wouldn't be able to use mad hacking skilz because they're analysts and not IT techies (although this is still within the realm of possibility), and they absolutely would not be granted access to go unsupervised in the CIA Archives storage area to shift boxes around and mix them up willy-nilly and rummage around to their heart's content. (I work for the National Archives - that SO ain't happening. Or ask any librarian about access to their closed stacks.) So Esther probably wouldn't still be snooping into TW, and definitely wouldn't be meeting Jack the way she did. Also, 'splodie Man wouldn't be asploded, so we'd miss that super-cool scene.
3. The pedophile-murderer wouldn't have been released from prison until well after MD has finished airing, due to the amount of time the litigation would take. So scratch that entire story line.
4. Then there's the paranoia of the Coopers (which I wasn't aware of from the end of COE.) They're living off the grid, on the shore, right by one of the main shore roads. Apparently no one noticed the house was suddenly occupied by a man, woman, and baby who do a lot of gardgening. Despite her paranoia/must protect my family, she didn't consider it advisable to make any effort at disguising either herself or Rhys (hair dye, glasses frames, hat). Even when they went back into Cardiff to visit Daddy. In the hospital, where there are LOTS of people. Where Gwen and Andy used the hospital's computer network, while standing behind the counter at a nursing station, to surf the Internet. And no one from the hospital staff had any problem with this. Also, apparently the hospital grants userids to all Welsh people so the hospital can offer Internet access to anyone who wanders in. So Gwen would have been ID'd long before she went back home to her hiding-on-the-main-beach-road-house where she had a chance to display her acquired-while-hiding firing rocket launchers and hitting moving targets expertise while simultaneously not singeing her blowing-in-the-wind locks of hair and not deafening anyone in a 50-foot radius for hours.
5. The coat is an abomination, and the costumer should be fired. I saw a post describing it as a cosplayer's attempt at an overcoat. That's really insulting to cosplayers. (Seriously, it would have been *easy-peasy* to make a decent one, particularly if that's your job.)

I did like seeing the old characters again, and the Welsh countryside, but all the characters seem really flat to me, and there's not enough to really interest me in seeing what happens during the next nine episodes. I probably with watch them, just for the trainwreck aspect and to snark, but I'll watch them thanks to *ahem* and not because I'll subscribe to Starz to be counted.

Jul. 16th, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)
Oh yes, large swaths of it don't make a lot of sense, but, well, it's Torchwood, which is always fairly dodgy. I got stuck on the "this is a rendition" bit. Um, no, it actually isn't.

I'll keep watching, but I don't see this as something I'm going to care too much about and not something worth rewatching, to be sure.
Jul. 18th, 2011 06:35 am (UTC)

::::giggles at stlscape's awesome shredding:::: Oh Rusty.

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