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So, that was a long time.

There was work for a while, and then just my own general apathy about talking about myself. Yay.

Work was … well, I survived, and it went on four months longer than expected, so four more months of being paid, and towards the end I got a wee little writing gig and that was nice and there was more being paid. And then I wrapped and mostly just wanted to read and whatnot. And do math.

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In other news:

• In general, I really, really don't like sitcoms, but I decided to give "Community" a try a few months ago, and fell stupidly in love. I had "donde esta la biblioteca" stuck in my head FOREVER. I'm now actually afraid that if I'm ever in a spanish speaking country and need to inquire as to the location of the library, it will come out as a rap. Also, that I might refer to myself as a disco spider. I might have since acquired a 'theoretical phys ed' shirt, and maybe an 'inspector spacetime' shirt. I'm just saying.

• My mother moved to Fairbanks in the spring, but now she's back in Denver. They're all back in Denver and living in the same house -- my brother, his ex-girlfriend, their two kids, my mother, my ex-step-father, my sister and her daughter, and my brother-in-law and my nephew are on their way down. In the same house. With two dogs, a cat, and two more dogs on the way. From a thousand miles away that's comedy gold, folks. Less comic when you're actually there, though, but I told mom to just pretend she's in a sitcom and then it's wacky not stressful. She says, surprisingly that's actually helped, and she's decided to cast herself as the crazy ex-wife with the crazy cat who lives in the front bedroom.

• Saw the Avengers. Loved the Avengers. May have developed weird fascination for Bruce/Natasha. I don't even know. May be contemplating writing fic (not Bruce/Natasha, though).

• I received a surprise package in the mail the other day. A large squishy package from Hawaii? Hmm… You guys, pualaridesagain made me a 4th Doctor scarf! It is so beautiful. So amazing! You are the awesomest person ever, C. Love you.

She says if I wear it to Comic Con, I'll be 75% cooler than Wil Wheaton. A worthy goal, I think.

• And so it is Comic Con time. It snuck up this year, being a week earlier than usual. There are not a huge number of things I'd like to see. I only really want to get in to the "Community" and "Doctor Who" panels, so cross your fingers for me. I'll be posting stuff on twitter as usual (@themonkeycabal), if anybody is interested. I have an ipad this year, instead of a dumb phone (oh my god I hate my phone), so pictures and such.

• Also, my year after year whining has finally won me a victory. We're going to the Maritime Museum! Yay! Star of India, here I come.

Born in landlocked Colorado, I somehow developed a fascination for ships. Oh, I love ships. Ships! I'm coming, Ships! I'm coming! ILU!

So … anyway. How you doin'?
Olive rejoices

Covert Affairs Fic. Again.

committing more fic in a wee fandom

Lost Coastlines
Rating: T (some language)
Characters: Joan, Annie, Auggie, Arthur
Spoilers: None, I think.
Summary: After a mission gone wrong, Joan evaluates her agents
Disclaimer: Covert Affairs and all related characters and elements are property of NBC Universal. They are used here without permission.

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Don't panic, it is fic

I have like six of these pointless little stories now. I just have to decide if I don't entirely hate them and if I should then type them up -- that's hell of a stumbling block right there, my friends. But I did type up one!

Anyway, sometimes things just happen, and there's not always a good reason behind it, there's not always any reason at all behind it, sometimes things happen and there is a reason, but maybe it's all sort of ill-advised. But still, they just happen. Kind of like this fic.


Title: Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe
Series: Covert Affairs, small crossover with Chuck
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor, Friendship
Spoilers: None, I think.
Summary: "It's weird, Auggie."
Disclaimer: Covert Affairs and all related characters and elements are property of NBC Universal, Chuck and all related characters and elements are property of Warner Bros. They are used here without permission.

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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks for everything, Steve. God speed.
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A question

(I was going to make this a poll, but that was just dumb, because if you wouldn't be interested, I wouldn't want to make you feel on the spot with some stupid ticky box, even though, obvs, you wouldn't have to fill out the poll, but still, it was stupid)

Would anybody have any interest in reading a serialized action/adventure-y original story by me?

I have a website and all (at least, I think I still do) and I was going to do this last year, but then a boss said we should talk about doing something with it, and in the course of the year never talked about doing anything with it at all, so it's really just sitting there in a handful of journals and I feel I ought to do something with it, and pretend I am in some way a productive human being.

Also, I missed the elephant in our back parking lot. The inconvenience of filming outside our window could have been nullified if I'd only just gotten to see the elephant. Alas. Apparently it had tusks! :(

Rubbish Thursday. I want it to be Saturday now.

work update: I got to hand somebody a piece of paper. It was really exciting. I'll go away until I'm less grumpy. Sorry.
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Got my first paycheck for back to work yesterday. Hooray! My phone died today. Ahahahahaha!

I was talking to mom, and it screamed a horrible scream of anguish and then turned into an entirely useless brick of metal and plastic.

Unrelated, I think -- It's also 106 outside. I shouldn't complain (but I will anyway ... omg! 106! so much sadness!), because we missed out on all of the heat that the rest of the country suffered under all summer. This was a very, very mild summer for SoCal. Really lovely. Until this week, at least. But, this is pretty much summer's death throws (hooray. I hate summer), I suppose we can endure. But, I'll whine anyway, because I can.

Doctor Who was mad and lovely. I think I'll go watch it again, as watching telly does not require moving in 106 degrees.
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Obviously, I was not at Comic Con all that time. Comic Con was good this year, and then I came home and the very next day came down with the flu. So awesome. Then a couple weeks ago, started back at work. Legit awesome. Less awesome is the 8am call time, but that's scheduled to be over today (ummm, yeah). So was either sick or barely conscious for the last month or so.

Anyway, HI!

V excited for Doctor Who to be back tomorrow. I did go to that panel. I stood in line all morning for that panel. I talk to mom about Comic Con and tell her how I stand in line for, you know, an hour and a half for Burn Notice or something, and she usually says "geez, that's too long. I'd never do that." I tell her I stood in line for three hours for Doctor Who, her response was "..., yeah, that's not too bad."
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