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Got my first paycheck for back to work yesterday. Hooray! My phone died today. Ahahahahaha!

I was talking to mom, and it screamed a horrible scream of anguish and then turned into an entirely useless brick of metal and plastic.

Unrelated, I think -- It's also 106 outside. I shouldn't complain (but I will anyway ... omg! 106! so much sadness!), because we missed out on all of the heat that the rest of the country suffered under all summer. This was a very, very mild summer for SoCal. Really lovely. Until this week, at least. But, this is pretty much summer's death throws (hooray. I hate summer), I suppose we can endure. But, I'll whine anyway, because I can.

Doctor Who was mad and lovely. I think I'll go watch it again, as watching telly does not require moving in 106 degrees.
Tags: doctor who, oddments
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