Spook *Pyro* (themonkeycabal) wrote,


Obviously, I was not at Comic Con all that time. Comic Con was good this year, and then I came home and the very next day came down with the flu. So awesome. Then a couple weeks ago, started back at work. Legit awesome. Less awesome is the 8am call time, but that's scheduled to be over today (ummm, yeah). So was either sick or barely conscious for the last month or so.

Anyway, HI!

V excited for Doctor Who to be back tomorrow. I did go to that panel. I stood in line all morning for that panel. I talk to mom about Comic Con and tell her how I stand in line for, you know, an hour and a half for Burn Notice or something, and she usually says "geez, that's too long. I'd never do that." I tell her I stood in line for three hours for Doctor Who, her response was "..., yeah, that's not too bad."
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