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yeah, hello

So, in my not talking about other tv shows, I've forgotten to forget to talk about the show that may have just jumped into the category of "most awesome evah!" -- Primeval. Yeah, you didn't expect that, but, my friends, I have four words, four magic words of such awesome, I don't even know. Let me just share -- dinosaurs on a submarine! DINOSAURS ON A SUBMARINE! *sparkly freaking hearts, dudes. sparkly freaking hearts*

Oh show. You've come so far. First you were just really mostly completely ridiculous, but you had dinosaurs (Gorgonopsid ftw!), and that was cool. And then you were canceled like a hundred times and you're still around and honestly, along the way you went and grew up kind of a lot. Plus, you still have dinos (and connor) (and lester). I'm very proud of you, show.

Also, who do I petition to have James Lester knighted for pure snarky excellence?
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